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Trouble In Mind

Trouble in Mind

Do corporates need to do more to support the mental health and wellbeing of their travelling staff? 

We recognise that as part of Good Employer Status, it’s the responsibility of people in the industry to make sure we further enhance business productivity and make travel effortless.

Seasoned travellers in this country have a stiff upper lip attitude. ‘I’ll carry on, everything will be okay and when I get home, I’ll have a glass of wine and cry’. A company’s biggest ‘asset’ is their workforce and TMCs need to pay ‘more attention’ to employee’ wellbeing. TMCs, from a profile perspective, should have a smarter insight into the persona of the individual, not just their date of birth and passport number.

I recommend that TMCs provide business travellers with a chauffeur or taxi service to airports, particularly for early flights. They should say: ‘Don’t worry, we have a car to look after you, so you can relax.’ That’s the sort of thing where your stress levels immediately go down and it means the employer is looking out for the worker’s interest.

Travel policies and mandates need to grow up a little bit. They need to say ‘you know and I know I’m paying all of your expenses and your per diem rate and everything else, but just like when you are at home, there’s going to be some sort of start and finish to your working day.

If you look at young tech companies, they say after a trip, ‘Work from home for the rest of the week, we trust you… reacclimatise back into your routine.

Raj Sachdave, Managing Partner – Black Box Partnerships.

Read the full article by Ben Walsh on mental health and wellbeing in Buying Business Travel on page 98.




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