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Getting Back On Track

Getting back on track

The UK’s rail network is rarely out of the news these days, but things are looking up for passengers.

“There is no guarantee that train operators would adopt the findings of the review, being bound by franchise commitments. Could we see the start of a fares strategy that is pence per mile? Or a cap on regional journeys versus inter-city, made up of specific ticket types that almost follow the airline industry’s approach such as fixed, semi -flexible and fully-flexible, or fares specific to one train operator or route?

Let’s be bold and work on the premise that Anytime open tickets are phased out and there’s a move to single leg pricing using these three categories. But there needs to a look at how revenue is allocated and shared among operators, who are offering a confusing 55 million fares across the network.”

Raj Sachdave, Managing Partner – Black Box Partnerships.

Read the full article by Dave Richardson on page 42 here.




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