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Friction Burned

Friction burned

More companies are paying attention to the relationship between travel policy and staff retention. This article examines the latest thinking on traveller experience. 

“I can see a world where procurement, recruitment and HR are completely collaborative. We already know the way a company presents its benefits like gym membership helps recruit and retail staff. In the future the use of data and articifila intelligence will help businesses look after employees and monitor performance. Algorithms will be able to see how and where you have travelled and what the results were to create a travel policy tailored to you.

We could even link to personnel records. Has an employee just divorced and is that affecting performance, for example? There are obvious privacy concerns, but if staff want to be looked after by organisations then sharing this data may be worth it.” Raj Sachdave, Managing Partner – Black Box Partnerships.

Read the full article by Neal Baldwin on page 72 here.

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