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Data And The Dark Arts

Data and the dark arts

First there was BIG DATA and then came SMART DATA – PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS is forecasting the future today. 

“Predictive analytics is about taking unstructured data, putting it into a structured format and using it to forecast different outcomes. It’s something that is creeping up in terms of profile and it’s helping corporates and suppliers have more insight into people’s preferences and projects. The FMCG sector has been doing it for years and now the travel industry is embracing it too.

As with many technological innovations that require investment, TMCs at in two camps: those that are making a noise about it, who have the data scientists and are making the connections between different data sets. Then there are those using third party technology – like GRASP TECHNOLOGIES and CORNERSTONE – and probably need to invest.” Raj Sachdave, Managing Partner – Black Box Partnerships.

Read the full article by Andy Hoskins on page 20 here.

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